Warranty Services

Warranty maintenance of PVC windows
Farmplast is the guarantee of high quality products!
Throughout the warranty period, Farmplast will FREELY eliminate all defects identified during the operation, and, if necessary, completely replace the damaged parts.
The terms of warranty service of Farmplast apply to all PVC products and also to individual components: profiles, double-glazed windows, fittings, seals, window sills, ebbs, and slopes, mechanical and welded joints.
If in the course of operation of our products you have discovered any shortcomings, then all you need to do is call our office and tell us about the identified problems of products or installation. After receipt of such a signal on a specified date, a group of specialists from the Reclamation Department will be sent to you to identify and correct the deficiencies.
The following defects are subject to warranty repair:
1. Cracks appearing on the window sashes or welded joints of the frames due to factory rejection or incorrect installation.
2. Cracks on the double-glazed windows or the presence of dirt or condensation inside them.
3. Blowing due to improper adjustment of the hardware or the marriage of the window seal.
4. Blowing between the frame and the wall, the sill or the slope.
5. Freezing of plastic slopes, resulting from poor quality installation.
6. Skewing, jamming or sagging of window flaps.
7. Attention! Warranty maintenance of products does not spread
on various windows and doors that have occurred during the operation of windows and doors, including mechanical damage (including double-glazed windows), as well as problems resulting from non-compliance with the basic rules for the care and use of products. Do not attempt to repair the products yourself, as the warranty does not apply to products with traces of foreign interference or unprofessional repair attempts!