Installation and dismantling of windows and doors

The quality of the installation is no less important than the quality of the product itself. Even the most expensive product can be ruined by an unscrupulous installation. We install our windows with patented and time-tested installation technologies. This is the only way we can guarantee that your new windows will last for a long time.
We offer several types of dismantling:
• With the destruction of the structure. All the details of old windows and doors are neatly sawn by a bulgarian, taken out with a crowbar. Pros: window and door openings are minimally destroyed; Cons: The dismantled structures are not subject to further use.
• Without destroying the structure. The doors and windows are removed from the hinges. The remaining window and door frames are removed without damage. Pros: the surviving structures can be used; Cons: Door and window openings are subject to greater destruction. To finish them, you need an increased amount of consumables (putty, primer, etc.).
Importance of quality assembly
Installed correctly the design of windows and doors will serve many times longer and provide:
1. Durability of trouble-free operation. In the process of operation, you do not have to constantly screw something up, twist it.
2. Saving on repair, call of regulators.
3. Maximum performance of noise, hydro-thermal insulation of the room.