Window and Door Screen Repair

Repair of plastic windows in Yerevan and the Republic of Armenia - qualitatively, promptly, and inexpensively
      The priority of the functioning of Farmplast is the repair of all varieties of plastic window structures. The complexity of the work and the modification of the double-glazed windows do not matter since our experienced masters will carry out their work on the approved technology. We do not have to worry about the quality of the repair, therefore, as the main priority of our activity is the high quality of the provided services. Our highly qualified specialists will quickly eliminate the cause of the malfunction. In addition, the cost of providing our services is significantly different from the market and is beneficial to our customers.
    If suddenly the plastic windows in your apartment or office cease to perform the functions assigned to them, then do not rush to change them to new ones, because it is much easier to invite specialists from Farmplast to diagnose the problem and promptly eliminate it. Repair of plastic windows results in 100% restoration of functionality and performance characteristics. 
If you are interested not only in the quality repair of PVC windows at affordable prices, but also the guarantee for the work done, our company is ready to offer you exactly such conditions for cooperation. Our scope of activity includes not only the repair of plastic windows, but also the installation of PVC windows, so if you initially turned to our masters on the installation of plastic windows, then, just like in the case of PVC windows, we guarantee you a long-lasting work and 100% functionality of installed windows.
  We repair plastic windows in Yerevan and on the territory of Armenia at quite reasonable and democratic prices.